1988 / 1998 / 2018

Krikštas* (plural: krikštai) is a Lithuanian burial monument of oldest type. Typically they are carved of wood. Old krikštai are usually symmetric figurines of horseheads, birds, plants, hearts, etc. Since 19th century cross-shaped monuments started to appear. *štas_(paminklas)

I stumbled onto these objects during 90’s knowing not much about the history or traditions. That was an interesting opportunity to create typological photography sequence trying to interpret scientific method and esthetical plastics form. I chose silver gelatin print bleaching and local toning technique. The series was valued for the subject and for the applied printing technique.
After ten year, in 1998, I came back to those objects with better optical equipment. But negatives stayed developed but untouched till 2018. This time it was scanned and edited digitally. That’s how the new version of prints appeared and added to the old series with new krikštai. (1).jpg (2) copy.jpg (4) copy.jpg (5) copy.jpg (7) copy.jpg (8) copy.jpg (9) copy.jpg