Solo exhibitions:

2015 - “Invaluable Collections”, Prospekto Gallery, Vilnius

2013 - “The Steps”, Kaunas Photography Gallery. (Lithuania)

2009 - “DJV. Sublimed reality”, Fine Art Gallery, Šiauliai. (Lithuania)

2008 - “DJV. Sublimed reality”, “Akademija” Gallery, Vilnius

2006 - “By the Sea and Other Places”, Klaipeda Culture Communication Center, (Lithuania)

2005 - “Present Continues”, Giedre Bartelt Galerie, Berlin

- “Fotowerk”, Rebekka Kraft Galerie, Munich, Germany

2004 - “Lost/Discovered 2”, "Akademija" Gallery, Vilnius

2003 - “Lost/Discovered”, Museum of the Photography, Šiauliai (Lithuania)

- “Lost/Discovered”, Vilnius Gallery of Photography

- “Lost/Discovered”, A.Moncys Museum, Palanga (Lithuania)

1999 - "Wrapped - unwrapped", Giedre Bartelt Gallery, Berlin

- "(Ne)as-meniški dalykai", Vilnius Gallery of Photography

- "(Ne)as-meniški dalykai" and retrospective works, Šiauliai Art Gallery (Lithuania)

1997 - "Akademija" Gallery, Vilnius

1996 - "Peri-feri" photography centre, Turku (Finland)

1995 - "Bohema" Gallery, Klaipeda (Lithuania)

1992 - Vilnius Gallery of Photography

1986 - The State Youth Theatre Gallery, Vilnius

Main group exhibitions:

2014 - “TTL Point of View”; Trimakas, Treigys, Lukys at Gallery NOORUS, Tartu (Estonia)

- Art 14 London, Olympia Grand. Contemporary Art Fear

- Art Vilnius, Contemporary Art Fear

- “Cafe Europa. La Metafota Com A Resistentia”. Centre d’Art Tecla Sala, Barselona

2013 - “Borderlands II”, group exhibition at Street Level Photoworks Gallery, Glasgow

2012 - “Aesthetics of boredom”, Nida Art Colony, Nida

2011 - “Fokus Litauen” group exhibition Stadtische Museen Wetzlar, Germany

2010 - “Boredom” international festival “In Focus”, Lithuanian National Gallery, Vilnius

- “Fokus Litauen" group exhibition Kultur Gebiet Munster, Vokietija

2009 - ”TTL Point of View”, with G. Trimakas and R. Treigys, Lithuanian Centre, Warsaw

- ”TTL Point of View”, with G. Trimakas and R. Treigys, "M Gallery", Kharkov, Ukraine

2008 - ”TTL point of view”, with G. Trimakas and R. Treigys, “Soviart” Contemporary Art Museum, Kiev

- “Contemporary Lithuanian Art Anew” Bydgoszc Municipal Gallery, Poland

2007 - “Outlines of experience” Days of Art of Lithuania in Lvov, Ukraine

- “Experiment. 20 - 21 century Lithuanian Fine Art Exhibition” Lithuanian Art Museum, Radvilu Palace, Vilnius

2006 - “Vanishing Boundaries: Six Studies in Contemporary Photography”, joint American Lithuanian exhibition, Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York

2005 - 1 st Lithuanian Quadrennial, Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius

- “Selve saltation: artists identity”, group exhibition of contemporary Lithuanian art, Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius

- “Prologue of the Point”, Saviciunai settlement, Lithuania

- 1-st Lithuanian Art Quadrennial, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

- “Sketch of the Point”, Kuronian lagoon at 55°26,75'N; 21°05,70'E

- “Elements/ Water”, A. Moncys Museum, Palanga, Lithuania

2004-2005 - “N+1” Contemporary art Exhibition, Šv. Stepono g. Promenade, Vilnius

2004 - ”TTL Point of View”, together with G. Trimakas and R. Treigys Gallery of Polish Institute in Stockholm

2003 - “Objects” exhibition with G. Trimakas and R. Rimšeliene, Gallery “Lietuvos Aidas”, Vilnius

- ”TTL Point of View”, together with G. Trimakas and R. Treigys Gallery “Art teritorija”, Kaunas (Lithuania)

2002 - ”TTL Point of View”, Gallery “Prospekto” Vilnius

- ”Decades of the Lithuanian Photography: 1945 – 1990”, joint exhibition Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius

- ”Erase Marked Place”, project of the group “Angis” at the Kaunas Exhibition Hall (Lithuania)

- ”Lithuanian Insight: Photography 1960 to Now”, “Fotografie Forum”, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

- ”Fears - 8” - joint exhibition, A. Moncys Museum, Palanga (Lithuania)

- ”Fears - 2” - joint exhibition, Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius

2001 - ”Flours, sealing, walls" – Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius

- ”Krikštai in Art” - international exhibition, Exhibitions Hall in Klaipeda (Lithuania)

2000 - ”Marsylia - Wilno - Warszawa”, exhibition of the teachers of the Art Academies Marseilles, Vilnius and Warsow, at the Art Academy of Warsow

1999 - ”Lithuanian Art 1989-1999: Ten Years”, joint exhibition Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

- ”Contemporary Lithuanian Photography”, Gallery “Hlavniho Mesta Prahy”, Praha; Festival “Autumn of the Photography, Bratislava

1998 - ”After Ten Years”, Photography of A. Kuncius, A. Šeškus, A. Budvytis, V. Balcytis, R. Pacesa, G. Zinkevicius, A. Lukys, G. Trimakas, Vilnius Gallery of Photography

- "Good Hope Offer for Tibet: Worlds Artists for Tibet", Gallery Lietuvos Aidas", Moletai - Vilnius

1997 - ”Dialoghi lituani” Contemporary Lithuanian Art, Trieste (Italy)

1996 - "Still Life" Painting, Graphic-prints, Photography, Gallery "Lietuvos Aidas", Vilnius

1995 - "Stone View", international exhibition in "Foto-Medium-Art" Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

- "Point of Contact", international exhibition in "Foto-Medium-Art" Gallery Wroclaw, Poland

- "... Beside the Document", Photography, Audiovisual installations, "Jutempus" Gallery, Vilnius

1994 - "Aspects of Young Lithuanian Photography", IFA Galerie, Berlin

- "Baltic Photography", "Hypolit" Gallery, Helsinki

1993-1994 - "Das Gedächtnis der Bilder" - Baltic Photo Art Today, Stadtgallerie im Sophienhof, Kiel; Kunsthalle, Rostock. (Germany);

- Exhibition Hall "Latvija", Ryga;

- The Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius;

- Berlinishe Galerie-Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin;

- The State Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk (Poland);

- Exhibition Hall Nikolaj, Copenhagen

1993 - "Borderlands" - contemporary photography from the Baltic States, Street Level Photography Gallery at "The Cottier" (touring exhibition), Glasgow (Scotland)

- "Subjective Documents", The Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

- "Baltic Photography", "Hypolit" Gallery, Helsinki

1992 - "Baltisk Fotografi", Museet for Fotokunst, Odense (Denmark)

- "Images from Borderlands" - exhibition in Saaremaa Photofestival'92, Kuressaare Castle Museum (Estonia)

1991 - "Lithuania - Myths and Legends" - graphic art, photography, folk art, Bryggens Museum, Bergen, Norway

- "Outside and Inside" (together with G.Trimakas), Palace of Artists, Vilnius

- "Lihuanian Photography", Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA

- "Seven Photographers", The Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1990 - "Memory and Intuition" - contemporary Lithuanian photography, Museum Sztuki, Lodz (Poland)

- "Several Photographers II", The Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1989 - "Several Photographers I", The Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1988 - "City"- the 17-th Annual Exhibition of Lithuanian photography, Ciurlionis Gallery, Chicago, USA

- "Man's Signs" - sculpture, drawings, photography, Palace of Art, Klaipeda

1987 - "Photography & Sculpture", Alumnatas courtyard (with M.Navakas and G.Trimakas), Vilnius

1986 - "Young Photographers of Vilnius", Vilnius Gallery of Photography

1985 - "Young Lithuanian Photographers", Institute of Art and Criticism, Moscow

1984 - "Photo Debut", Vilnius Gallery of Photography

Work as the Curator:

since 2002 at various places for exhibit ”TTL Point of View”

2002 - ”TTL Point of View”, Gallery “Prospekto” Vilnius

1998 - ”After Ten Years”, Photography of A. Kuncius, A. Šeškus, A. Budvytis, V. Balcytis, R. Pacesa, G. Zinkevicius, A. Lukys, G. Trimakas, Vilnius Gallery of Photography

1997 - "Dimensionless illusion", exhibition of Jerzy Olek (Poland), Gallery "Akademija" Vilnius

1995 - "... Beside the Document ", Photography, Sculpture, Audio-visual installations, Gallery "Jutempus", Vilnius

1993 - "Subjective Documents ", Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius